Cools Blades Instantly!

Cools Blades Instantly!

Cools Blades Instantly!

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Keep your blades cool, clean, and comfortable for your clients with Wahl Blade Ice.

You can switch from one head to the next easily without worrying about transferring anything or damaging your blades.

To keep your best blades in top condition, simply spray Blade Ice through the clipper blades

occasionally; the results include reduced friction, less heat and blade wear without a heavy residue of oil.

This provides an easy glide allowing for ultimate precision and a comfortable cut.
Wahl Blade Ice (#89400) comes in a 14-ounce spray can,
9.5 inches tall.
Non ozone depleting,
no CGC’s of HFC’s. Dries fast. Will not harm most plastics. A coolant, lubricant, and cleaner all in one!

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