The erect ears provide a good aeration and the dirt accumulates easily. Generally poorly trimmed, they require regular cleaning or as needed.

Semi-drooping ears often have hairy canals. If the dog has no problems with ear infections, avoid removing the inside of the canal as this may irritate the dog and cause an infection. Frequent cleaning with a dry and proven product (epiotic, oticlens).

Dropping ears have very little aeration and often wet conditions. They are prone to ear infections. Clean frequently with a drying agent.

The Poil-Luxe institute no longer carries out the hair removal of dogs ears for 8 years now. Hair removal causes irritations that generate infections. The ears are cleaned with high quality non-irritating products ensuring the health and well-being of the dog. It is also possible to gently clean the ears with a baby face cloth, or with a 100% cotton cotton to avoid irritation the ear.

NEVER USE COTTON-STEM inside the channel. This would irritate the canal and cause infections that may lead to ear infections.