Dogs that live indoors do not have the ability to use their claws naturally. A cut of claw is therefore necessary to the 4 to 6 weeks to avoid the dog being uncomfortable or injured. When cutting the claws, it is important to have a positive attitude, remain calm and be reassuring to the animal.

Generally, the claws of the front legs are longer than those of the hind legs. Cut the claw short enough without cutting the vein.

The vein of the white claws appears through the claw and it is possible to see that of the darker claws on the side in several cases.

For black claws, cut the claw at the cushion, a black dot in the center of the claw will indicate the proximity of the vein. The cutting angle must be straight and from bottom to top.

The image makes it possible to have a claw more round and soft at the point. It can be done with an electric grinder that does a quick and efficient job. Pack all the long hairs that could be inserted around the grinder.
For dogs that do not tolerate the electric grinder, a file will do.