Scissors cut

Scissors cutting is the most complex task of a groomer’s job. Different techniques are used depending on the type of fur of the animal.
Throughout the chisel cut, the dog must stand upright and it is necessary to regularly comb the fur to properly place it, in order to better balance and structure the dog.

The hair takes several directions on the dog and it is the experience of our stylists groomers and several years of practice that help to better understand how to prune and point out the dog. Choosing a quality chisel that fits comfortably into the groomer’s hand makes all the difference to the end result.
To do this, Poil-Luxe uses European scissors, high-end, they are meteor forged by hand, with a high quality metal and hollowed out the blades to make it lighter.

Poil-Luxe uses the technique with a chisel between the fingers or with a comb or freehand, it is a technique that requires patience, dexterity and several years of practice. This technique provides a more uniform texture to the fur.