Poil-Luxe respects the standard of each breed, customers can be certain that the standard of each breed group will be correctly performed, whether it be terrier, poodle, cocker spaniel or other, our knowledge will give you full satisfaction.
We can make stylized cuts on dog breeds such as lhassa-apso, shih-tzu, bichon according to the customer’s wish. Our desire is not to shave your dog to the skin but to make it a short cut if desired but still comfortable to protect your pet.

Dog with undercoat:
Poil-Luxe’s main task is not to carry out systematic shaving for undercoat dogs such as golden and Bernese Mountain dogs and others.
Such a practice can cause discomfort (sunlight) and several skin problems (environment). Short shaving favors the production of undercoats, which often leads to regrowth problems. The best solution for undercoat dogs, are the moulting reduction treatments. One might consider practicing long shaves to the Clipper-Vac to keep some protection.

What if your dog has a lot of knots?
We have the solution for you, today there is a technique called wet shaving.
The advantage of such a technique will make the mowing comfortable and much safer for your dog. This will also prevent your dog from being completely shaved too close to the skin.