Bath and Spa treatments


Before each grooming, including a mowing, a chisel cut or just a disentangling, the animal goes to the bath to be washed and massaged with shampoos and balsams of superior quality whose properties nourish the skin and the coat. The different shampoos used are chosen according to the nature of the skin and the coat whether short, semi-long or long and also according to the color of the dog’s hair.

At Poil-Luxe, groomers no longer wash animals by applying shampoo directly to the body of the animal. An innovative idea has changed the rituals of washing, it is the hydro-massager, a device that propels shampoo and water in the form of a jet, creating a massage effect on the animal under conditions of Baths and soothing.

Today with the new washing techniques, the coat is carefully cleaned without breaking the hair. Some of the under dead hairs slip into the bath without rubbing and irritating the dog’s skin. A washing carried out according to the right technique will enormously facilitate the task at the time of disentangling always in the spirit of caring for the animal’s coat.


Coil-Luxe offers special treatments if you wish to beautify the coat of your dog, this is treatment of reduction of the moult; Treatment for nourishing and beautifying the skin and the coat; Enhance colors; Treatment against stress and more. All these baths are extras that Poil-Luxe offers at the request of the customer.

 Spa Treatments

When the dog suffers from skin or coat problems, it results in itching, and incessant scratching that sometimes causes hair loss or partial alopecia. To do this, the client is advised to offer a therapeutic care to his dog where suitable products are used.
In addition, if your dog is suffering from arthritis, the appropriate treatment exists at our facilities and our facilities offer accessibility to your pet by means of a hydraulic bath. The latter rises and falls to the desired height facilitating access to the dog. Do not hesitate to give him the treatment that will relieve him.


The drying of the animal is done by means of a silent dryer with different velocity controls. The groomer will use combined products and tools that will desensitize the dog during the detangling process. The high power dryer not only has a function of drying but also disentangling, straightening and smoothing of the hair. The effect obtained is incomparable.

Today it is very important in the grooming of an animal to master the techniques of drying and disentangling, and to work with innovative tools, because this avoids the groomer to pull on the hair and make the animal suffer The rough brushes and combs that injure the skin and inconvenience the animal are left to forget at the Institut Poil-Luxe, for an efficient and pleasant use of brushes Les Pooch. These brushes were a revelation for us, because they allowed us to understand that the disentangling could be done in a gentle and pleasant way.