Gooming and care at Quebec

The customer at Poil-Luxe will have the satisfaction of being received warmly with his pet. The toilette des salon will be happy to welcome you, and to listen attentively to your needs.

If you do not know or hesitate between a service and another, advice will be offered to you while respecting the breed of your animal, its skin and its coat.

Throughout his grooming, your pet will be relaxed because Rémy Viens, the owner of Poil-Luxe, professional groomer for several years, equipped his salon with equipment, instruments and products that have all the merit of helping The groomer to do a neat and superior work, which allows the animal to be relaxed and soothed; Cared for and embellished in a calm climate that allows us to express our passion for animals with an artistic spirit.

Dear customers, be aware that the hygienic care of the ears and the cutting of the claws are automatically included in the service of mowing and grooming.