Luxury anti-static wooden pin brush

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The Groom Professional range of luxury grooming brushes are manufactured in Europe from olive wood, which is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and guaranteed to be from sustainable forests.

Experienced craftsmen who take pride in their work, hand finish each tool to perfection. They are very lightweight, with shaped handles to help reduce fatigue and give you the results you need.

The wooden pin range is designed to eliminate painful pulling and is the safest, most gentle way to detangle hair. The wooden pins gently detangle hair by delicately separating the tangle from the rest of the coat by drawing individual hairs upwards and out to the side away from the knot. Unlike other grooming brushes, the wooden pin brush eliminates painful pulling of individual hair follicles that can damage or break the hair under the strain. This will also eliminate tightening any matts which are already present. The wooden pins utilize the natural oils to polish the hair by distributing sebum and/or applied oils. These brushes are 100% static free!! There are 3 sizes available.

Medium 17cm x 5.5cm