Kit 3: Shampoo, conditioner, les Pooch brush and comb

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The kit includes:

  • Traditional shampoo 500ml Iv San Bernard, dilution 1: 4,  mix 1 part of shampoo with 4 parts of water
  • Traditional conditioner 500 ml Iv San Bernard, dilution 1: 4, mix 1 part of the conditoner with 4 parts of water

Scent available for shampoo and conditioner: Lemon for short hair, banana for medium hair and apple for long hair

  • Les Pooch brush

  • Comb

Les Poochs

On vous parle aujourd'hui des différentes sortes de brosses Les Poochs ! Écoutez notre capsule avec Rémy Viens pour orienter votre choix lors de votre prochain achat. 😀 Vous avez plus de questions ? Contactez-nous, il nous fera plaisir de vous répondre. Pour voir toutes nos brosses, rendez-vous ici : vous, quel est votre brosse préférée ?—ENGLISH—Today we are talking about the difference between one type of Pooch brush and another one. Listen to our video with Rémy Viens to help you made a choice on your next purchase. 😀 You have any more questions? Contact us, we will be happy to answer you. To see all our brushes, click on the link: you, what's your favorite brush?

Posted by Poil-Luxe on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Additional information

Type de poils / type of hair

Poil court/ short-hair, Poil moyen / medium-hair, Poil long / long-hair

Choix de couleurs de brosse / Choice of brush colors

Mauve/purple, verte/green, Rouge/red, Or/gold, Argent/silver