Maximum Impact Shampoo 16 oz

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Maximum Impact Shampoo
Super cleaning shampoo utilizes elegant cleansing agent, the latest developments in Shampoo technology for a gentle and Hypo-allergenic. 50:1 concentrate in bathing systems. This formulation includes special shampoo ingredients which function as skin anti-irritants while deep cleaning even the dirtiest pets. Maximum impact is the best value bath after bath. This is one of the few shampoos on the market that will positively remove the toughest and most difficult to remove filth including clay based stains. Special in the regard that it will not dry out the bather’s hands as do our competitor “equivalent” product. Safe for cats. Great for horses, cattle and other large animals because of its “LCP” Low Cloud Point technology enables shampoo to be fully rinsed off using warm or cold water.  Mild and
Hypo-allergenic. Keep out of eyes.