Caviar MIX – Nutritive (Copie)

$17,50 (Français) Plus taxes


An imperceptible serum which combines the gentleness of an ultra-light cream rich in active ingredients, such the Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract (also known as Vegetable Caviar) and Macadamia and Pomegranate Oils which nutritive offers instant protection to the coat that will be revitalized, nourished, and full of youth. Vitamin F helps to maintain the correct hydration. A thin veil of product, evenly distributed thanks to its micro-diffusion dispensing system, is quickly absorbed, leaving the coat silky and soft to the touch.

Instruction for use:
Before drying, spray Caviar Mix-Nutritive evenly over the coat making sure to shake the product well beforehand. For optimum results, use in combination with the other Caviar Line products. NO RINSE.

100 ml

Use with other Caviar products: