Black Pearl Cobalt 8.5” 26-Tooth Sculpting & Finishing

$179,99 (Français) Plus taxes


The Black Pearl 26 Teeth 8.5″ Chunker-style Thinner / Texturiser in the very stylish Titanium coated satin black finish with pearl tension adjuster. Ergonomic handle with finger rest. Leaves a very fine, smooth finish. Ideal for bulking out coats, for evening and blending away clipper or scissor marks to finish the groom. Excellent price for this level of quality. Ice-tempered Japanese Cobalt Stainless Steel Alloy for strength without extra weight. Rockwell hardness rating of 60. Very durable, precision sharpened edge. A powerful chunker-style thinner that still handles small details. Ideal finishing scissor. Made in the USA.