Black Passion Argan Oil 03

$37,50 (Français) Plus taxes


Intensive treatment for all hair types. Contains Argan Oil and Beta Carotene. Non-greasy, it absorbs immediately and does not leave residues, ensuring deep hydration and leaving pets’ hair feeling silky and looking incredibly shiny. 03 Oil, which is rich in vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), strengthens the hair and defends it from free radicals, while Beta Carotene reinforces the hair’s defence against free radicals and aging and also restores the hair fibres’ energy reserves. Enriched with UV filler. Consisting of a blend of sophisticated high quality ingredients,
03 Oil is a beauty treatment for hair which can be used in many ways, as well as an essential product for any successful groomer.
Instructions for use:
For Maintenance and Nourishment: add 5/10 ml of 03 Oil to 02 Mask (conditioner Black Passion), mix and spread thoroughly on coat, leave on 2/3 minutes, rinse; Protection: apply thoroughly on dry and clean coat, massage. Do not rinse.
100 ml.